Hungary work permit 2023 - Hungary work visa processing - Hungary work visa requirements

Hungary work permit 2023, Hungary work visa processing, Hungary work visa requirements,

Hungary is a country in the European Union. Hungary is currently progressing at a very rapid pace in terms of urbanization. Not only that, Hungary's development journey has begun to match the level of other more developed countries in Europe. That is why Hungary is now one of the hot favorite countries for citizens of many countries outside the world to go on a work visa.

If you want to build your career in Hungary, securing a work visa is definitely important to achieve that goal. Read our step-by-step blog post to know more about how to get a Hungary work visa.

Why do you need a work visa for Hungary?

First, if you are a citizen of the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA), you do not need a work visa to work in Hungary. And if you are not a citizen of any European country, you must obtain a work permit visa to work legally in Hungary.

A work permit is mandatory for anyone who wants to work in Hungary. There are several ways to obtain a work permit in Hungary. For example,

1. Employment Sponsorship Visa Permit

2. Private Business Visa Permit

3. Seasonal work visa work permit

4. Work permit for highly qualified professional staff

Types of Hungary work visas

There are different types of work visas available to apply for in Hungary and it depends on your qualifications and preferences. Below are some examples of valid work visas in Hungary:

1. Employment Sponsorship Visa: This is the most popular work visa in Hungary. It is intended for persons who have received a job offer from or are employed by a Hungarian employer or company.

2. Private Business Visa: This visa is useful for individuals seeking legal authorization for self-employment or to take on an executive role in a profitable business.

3. Seasonal Work Visa: This visa is mainly for people planning to visit Hungary for seasonal employment. According to Hungarian law, applicants must have the right to free movement and residence.

4. Highly qualified professional workers: This individual residence permit allows both residence and employment in Hungary for highly skilled professional workers. It serves as an excellent choice for those who fulfill certain conditions or criteria and the benefits of this visa are also very high.

The easiest way to get a Hungary work permit visa

It is easiest to arrange a Hungarian work permit and work visa through company sponsorship. Not only that, it is possible to get a work visa in Hungary at a very low cost through this visa process. What is more surprising is that there is no need to resort to any agency or broker for this visa. With your confidence and self-effort, you can get a Hungary visa. But for this, you have to proceed step by step following certain rules and regulations. This will be discussed below.

Hungary work permit 2023, Hungary work visa processing, Hungary work visa requirements,

Hungary work visa processing

In most cases, your employer company in Hungary will apply for a Hungarian work permit on your behalf. In this case, the cost of the company. The company should provide all the above documents for the application. By Mail or Courier Service.

Hungary work visa requirements?

Here is a list of common documents required for issuing a Hungary work visa,

  • NID card.
  • Passport: Must have at least 3 months validity.
  • Visa Form: Duration of stay must be duly filled and signed. There you have to apply for a work visa permit as well as a residence permit.
  • Photograph: 2 recent color photographs (3.5×4.5 cm) with white background should be attached.
  • Health Insurance: Must have valid health insurance.
  • Experience Certificate or Experience Certificate.
  • References: References from relatives or acquaintances living in Hungary are not mandatory.
  • Financial proof: The bank may have to show funds of some target amount.
  • Educational Qualification - If any.
  • English Proficiency but no IELTS difficulty.
  • Health Insurance.
  • Job offer letter directly from the company.
  • Police Clearance.
  • European style CV.
  • European style cover letter.

After receiving all the documents of the candidate, the company will apply for a work permit to the immigration of Hungary through the lawyer. It may take 15-45 days to issue the permit.

Application Process for Hungary Work Visa

This step has to be handled by the candidate. With the above documents including the job offer, and work permit copy from the company, the candidate himself will apply for the work visa at the nearest Hungarian embassy. Of course, before this, all the activities including fingerprints should be completed with the VFX Global schedule from your country. In this case, the candidate will bear all the cost of VFX Global.

Visa will be issued within 7-30 days of visa application. After that, the candidate can clear the manpower from Bangladesh, book the plane ticket, and fly to Hungary to start his career.

Hungary work visa fee

The fee for a Hungary work visa is 110 Euros. You can pay for a work visa at a diplomatic or consular mission, at the Client Service Office of the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (NDGAP), or electronically through NDGAP's electronic means.

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