Work visa for india 5 countries will invite you - If you have passport and mark sheet

Work visa for india

Thousands of Indians dream of going abroad every year. Going abroad, the big salary, lavish lifestyle, new things are all day and night. But there are many countries where getting a visa is quite a grind. Work visa for india 5 countries will invite you blog.

Are there some countries that give easy visas to work in that country? Basically yes, those countries give work visa to job seekers without giving offer letter. If you are also looking for a job abroad,

So let's know about 5 such countries. Candidates must have their own passport and mark sheet to go to these five countries. Only then he can work there through work visa.

Work visa for india 5 countries will invite you


Applicants need a work permit to work in Canada. To get it the candidate has to show proof of his work and qualifications. On the other hand, by implementing the express entry system, Canada is also providing individuals from various nations with the chance to become citizens of their nation.

New Zealand

SSV (Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa) visas are issued to foreign workers in New Zealand. If a job seeker has any special qualification, then he can choose this country as his workplace.


Job applicants in Germany are granted a six-month visa.. For this the person must be above 18 years of age. Apart from graduation degree, 5 years work experience, financial stability, candidate should have passport issued in last 10 years and validity of at least 12 months, three passport size photographs, a cover letter, proof of educational qualification, proof of degree, CV, health insurance and Aadhaar. Must have card or birth certificate.


Austria issues work permits for a period of six months. To be among the top 100 in the list at the highest level in Austria, the candidate must receive a score of at least 70%. . This includes the candidate's skills and qualifications such as awards, research and innovation, academic degrees, gross salary and language skills. 

Candidates need valid passport, photograph, proof of local residence, health insurance along with proof of educational qualification and marks obtained to visit the country.

United Arab Emirates

UAE visas are available for 60, 90 or 120 days. For this the applicant must hold a senior staff or managerial position in a scientific, technical or humanitarian field. If you possess this qualification, finding work will be simple. 

Must be a graduate of one of the top 500 colleges in the nation as recognized by the Ministry of Education. The candidate won't receive job approval before that point. During the final two years of graduation, the applicant must.


If you have completed your university level education in Spain or have a university level educational qualification of one to two years, this country will grant you a visa to get a job or start a business. The duration of the visa is 12 to 24 months. If you want to stay here, you must have private public medical insurance and sufficient funds. 

The European Qualifications Framework mandates that university results have 6 or more percentile points.. You must score 70 in top 100 workers list, have valid passport, photo, proof of local residence, EX01 form, health insurance, documents that can state your eligibility.

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