Canada Truck Driver Salary in 2023

Canada truck driver salary in 2023

The trucking industry in Canada is booming as there is a huge demand for experienced truck drivers. The Canadian government is looking for truck drivers to work in their country but you have to be a good fit for the role. Heavy truck driver jobs are becoming a very challenging profession as these drivers can travel across Canada without any extra payment. Canada truck driver salary in 2023

The job offers a competitive salary that allows you to live the life you want. But having work experience will make it easier to fit into the job immediately. The job offers many benefits depending on the time you are ready for the job. In some Canadian provinces, the government is willing to pay you more for overtime.

Canada truck driver demand

Canadian Immigration is looking for long-haul drivers, but there are limited positions for this job. If you are a skilled truck driver and meet the required criteria, the Canadian government will issue a work visa that will allow you to work in the country. According to statistics, it was discovered that by 2024, the demand for long-haul truck drivers will increase to 48,000. This shows that there are plenty of opportunities for individuals in this field. Canada truck driver salary in 2023

In Canada, the workforce in this sector is dominated by older people aged 47 and over. As a result, the country wants experienced young truck drivers. Generally, long-haul drivers must work 14 days on the road, but have three days off between each trip. For example, if you travel from Regina to Edmonton, the journey will take you 12 hours, and you will be given time off to recuperate. They have more than 2,600 vacancies for truck drivers.

Canada truck driver salary in 2023

In Canada, the more time you spend traveling from one province to another, the higher your income. In Alberta, truck divers earn $30/hour and in New Brunswick $17/hour. Therefore, annual salaries for truck drivers fall between $35,000 and $60,000 for full-time drivers. Let's look at the salaries of some Canadian provinces:

  • Alberta - $54,195
  • Northwest Territories - $52,650
  • British Columbia - $49,725
  • Saskatchewan - $48,750
  • Ontario $46,940
  • Quebec - $46,781
  • Prince Edward Island - $37,986

Canada truck driver visa requirements 2023

  • Language Proficiency: English or French
  • Educational Degree: Certificate or Diploma
  • Credentials: Certificates, Courses, Licenses, etc.
  • Experience: 3 to 5 years
  • Specific Skills: Conduct pre-trip, en-route and post-trip inspections
  • Documentation: Driver's logbook, maintenance and repair reports, inspection reports etc.
  • Safety and Security: Check driving record and check driver's license validity.
  • Personal equipment: safety boots, hard hats, etc
  • Transport Information: Valid Driving License
  • Physical ability and working conditions: overtime, repetitive work.
  • Types of Trucking Equipment: Dump trucks and tractor-trailers

Truck driver jobs are hot cakes in Canada for those with the right skills and experience. If you are thinking of migrating to Canada for better income, you can apply for truck drivers in any Canadian province and you will be lucky to get a work visa in the country. Canada truck driver salary in 2023

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