How to Avoid Fake Canada Visa Scams

How to Avoid Fake Canada Visa Scams

A visa is a permit for entry from one country to another. This is very important for several reasons. However, visas are of different categories. Such as job visas, student visas, visit visas, business visas, conference visas, etc. Today we will know what to do to avoid fake Canada visa fraud or How to Avoid Fake Canada Visa Scams.

First of all, the Government of Canada has a website for visa information. It contains all the necessary information and application forms for a Canada visa application. In order to avoid fraud and forgery, one must acquire some idea or knowledge about it.

There are thousands of visa consulting firms in the world. But finding a firm that does the right thing also comes with responsibility. The first and foremost way to avoid fraud is to stay away from brokers as much as possible. Because brokers often lie for the sake of higher commissions. So stay away from brokers. And stay away from any mobile office or person or virtual person.

Visit an organization directly. Talk to the chief officer. Try to guess the possible factors required. Check their success rates and whether they have an immigration lawyer or educational institution they are contracted with. Be careful at every step.

To know the necessary information about the Canadian visa, you need to submit the application or file it manually to the nearest Canadian Visa Facilitation Service office. Keep the delivery slip or deposit slip with you. You must use your phone number and e-mail in the application form. Later you have to take file delivery from VFS yourself. In other words, uploading and uploading files must be done manually. Then there will be no chance of putting a fake visa in your passport.


Remember, you are enough for your visa. No consulting firm or individual owns Visa. Only embassies can issue visas. Don't be tempted by anyone, think for yourself. Consult with family. Get the information you need. Awareness can save you from fraud.

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