Romania work permit visa from India : A complete Guide

Romania work permit visa from India

Are you an Indian and you find a great job opportunity in Romania? In this blog post, we will provide all information about Romania work permit visa from IndiaWhether you are looking for employment opportunities, career advancement, or a change of scenery, Romania offers a promising landscape.

Let's discuss the key requirements and steps involved in securing your work permit visa, making your journey smoother and more manageable. 

To get a work permit visa for Romania from India, you will need to follow some steps. Here are some steps regarding the process and fees:

Romania work visa processing time in India

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Romania work visa processing time in India

The processing time for a Romania work visa can vary depending on various factors, including the type of work permit and the workload at the Romanian Embassy or Consulate in India. 

It is advisable to contact the nearest Romanian Embassy or Consulate in India for the most accurate information regarding the current processing time.

Romania work permit agent in India

To facilitate the application process, you may consider seeking assistance from a reputable work permit agent or an immigration consultant specializing in Romania. 

They can guide you through the application process, help gather the required documents, and provide support with the submission. Make sure to choose a reliable and authorized agent.

Romania work permit visa fees

The fee for a work permit visa in Romania can vary depending on the type of work permit and the duration of stay. Indians must pay 80 EUR (INR 6577) for a visa to Romania

Which company in Romania work permit offer?

Romania job search websites, recruitment agencies, and professional networking platforms can be helpful in finding companies in Romania that are open to hiring foreign workers. Some popular job search websites in Romania include:

Romania work permit visa fees

What jobs are in high demand in Romania?

There are many types of jobs in Romania that people from different countries do. Not all job demands are the same. Some jobs are more demanding and some jobs are relatively less demanding. Below is a list of the jobs that are most in demand in Romania.
  • Driving
  • electrician
  • Restaurant
  • mechanical
  • Construction
  • Cleaner
  • Hotel boy
  • Factory Workers
  • Mason
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Waiter
  • Furniture
  • Seals man
  • Delivery boy
There are also other jobs in Romania. But these jobs are more demanding than other jobs.

How many documents are needed for the Romania job application?

  • European Style Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Educational Certificates
  • Employment Certificates
  • Experience Certificates
  • Professional licenses
  • References
  • Language Certificates
  • ID or Passport Copy

Romania work permit check online

If you want to check the status of a Romania work permit, you can follow some steps:

  • Visit the website of the Romanian Immigration Office --> (Inspectoratul General pentru Imigrari).
  • Look for the section related to work permits or --> "permise de munca" in Romanian.
  • Navigate to the work permit inquiry page or a similar section where you can check the status.
  • Give some relevant details, such as your name, address, passport number, and the application or file number for your work permit.
  • To find out the status of your work permit application, submit the form or request.

Your work permit application's current status, including whether it is approved, still being handled, or if any extra paperwork or actions are necessary, should be available to you via the online system. You might need to get in touch with the Romanian Immigration Office personally if the online system does not offer a direct means to verify the status.

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