Future of Canada work permit visa 2023

Canada work permit visa 2023
Many people want to go to Canada but somehow they are not getting any good chance or opportunity to go. But now there is a huge possibility of going to Canada. Because Canada's labor market is in extreme crisis. People are not getting into the labor market. Those who want to settle in Canada with a work permit visa can make great use of this opportunity.

It is not possible for everyone to go to Canada with a study permit and spend about 15-25 lakh taka or rupees. However, after two years or four years of study, the study permit has to be applied to change the work permit. Because a student visa does not have a full-time work permit. But there is no end to the cost. So to settle down there, to live a standard lifestyle you have to work full time.

But I see that work-permit opportunities are coming up widely in Canada but I don't see much discussion about them. So I took the initiative to write a little about Canada's work permit. What are the chances of getting a work permit in Canada from 2022 - 2026? Who will give you these work permits and how do you apply for these work permits and visas? All this will be discussed in our blog post inshallah ❤️

Canada work permit visa 2023

What is the probability of getting a work permit in Canada from 2022 - 2026?

Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of area. If Canada is broken, 64 Bangladeshs can be created like our Bangladesh. But despite such a large territory, the population there is very less. Due to this, there is a huge shortage of workers in all factories, factories, shopping malls, and hotel-restaurant sectors. And besides, Canada's economic strength is also diminishing day by day due to the low population.

Therefore, considering these aspects, the Canadian government has decided that they will hire 12 lakh immigrants in their country from 2022 to 2026. They will be given permanent residency cards with work permits. And since Canada has a good relationship with Bangladesh, they are interested in taking skilled workers from Bangladesh and they have already started taking many workers. So those who want to go to Canada can avail this golden opportunity which is valid till 2026.

Who will give you these work permits and how do you apply for these work permits and visas?

The government of Canada will give Canada a work permit but we have to manage jobs from any company in Canada i.e. we have to manage a job offer letter.

Now the question may come how to manage this job?

If someone's relative or acquaintance is in Canada, then it is possible to manage a job offer letter from a company through him.

But those who have no relatives in Canada, have to go directly to the job sites in Canada and apply for jobs directly to the company.

Canada work permit visa 2023

What does it take to apply?
  • CV / Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Experience Certificate
  • Education Qualification Certificate

Canadian Jobs Search Sites List

If a company likes your qualifications, they may conduct an online virtual interview. If they like you, they can give you a job offer letter. And that job offer letter is enough to get a Canada work visa.

Next, you have to apply for a work visa at the Canadian embassy along with the company's job offer letter along with copies of your passport, NID, resume, etc.

The Canadian Embassy will give you a work permit visa through the company's job offer letter. It will not cost the candidate any money. Maybe the cost of the visa and the airfare.

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